Because we use FATCAT and his friends, above, to manage our time effectively, this has given us time to be involved in some exciting new projects last month, as well as giving our clients some invaluable time-saving training. We have:

  • Provided Outlook training to a client who had been trying to use ACT to manage his client database and was failing as ACT is too complicated, they now manage their customer sales process using Outlook Tasks and Contacts.
  • In a 2 hour training session, we worked with an office products supply client, helping them produce an efficient and effective Excel spreadsheet which will make it easier for them to produce quotes for their clients.  
  • Visited a Leicester based, internationally renowned manufacturing company to undertake a Training Needs Analysis.  We observed how the employees use the Microsoft products and are producing a report with our training recommendations. 
  • Trained a Hull based furniture making company.  The foreman manages 20 joiners and needs an effective way to schedule their time – they now use Microsoft Project.
  • We are getting to grips with Windows 8 and Office 365.  If you need help with these products, or are thinking about upgrading, we can help you.